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Wow Customers.
Boost Revenues.
Maximise Savings.

Wow customers

Redefine In-Flight
Experience & Entertainment

Broadcast premium entertainment, fresh innovative channels and services at unrivalled streaming speeds, directly on passenger’s personal devices and aircraft screens. Enrich customer experience with a truly integrated IFE-C proposition. Dynamically update, monitor and manage onboard content, services and NPS, regardless of onboard internet connectivity. The future is now, and its wow.


Premium Entertainment
& 360 Content Management

Through QuiverTree Media, an Immfly group company, we deliver the latest DRM-protected Movies, TV shows, E-books, Audio-books, Games, Kids Content, Podcasts & Music, and more. We hold authorizations with all major studios and have agreements covering local and international content, enabling us to cater to diverse audiences. Through content sourcing, cycle management, and post-production services, we simplify the supply chain and redefine propositions with innovative sponsorship models, delivering unique value. All paired with pioneering tech for personalisation, optimal refresh cycles and NPS monitoring.


Boost Revenues

Unlock Exciting
New Profit Potential

We turned some heads when we delivered the industry's first profitbale IFE platform. Beyond designing platforms with connected digital services that generate revenues, we source, implement and manage products to positively impact your balance sheet. Onboard ecommerce, content commercialisation, targeted inflight digital media and marketing. Tap into the diligent use of state of the art tools. Aim higher.


Maximise Savings

Old Costs Replaced
with Smart Innovation

When yield pressures are constant and operational schedules tight, efficiency is vital. With managers schooled by airlines, we understand the pain points. And with our digital experts, we deliver tools to eliminate them. Software that replaces manual aircraft intervention with remote efficacy. Autonomous, flexible systems replacing costly maintenance and dated formats. Beyond making it possible, we make it available.


Digital from day one


Pioneering the
wireless ecosystem

From the ground up, our business is built to deliver the power of digital to aircraft. Ever since we launched Europe's first fleet with 100% wireless inflight entertainment with our first IAG client, back in 2015, we changed the game. Today our efficient tools for autonomous and remote management of cabin products and services are still leading the state of the art technology that keeps wowing customers, boosting revenues and maximing savings on airlines the world over.

Plug-in Data Intelligence

Close the Digital Gap
with Inflight Data

App data capabilities across the customer journey. Capture valuable passenger information to seamlessly enrich your loyalty database. Intelligently optimise content and services with real time usage data. Personalise experiences. Segment and target media activity to bolster asset value. Monitor activity by flight, by cluster and fleet. We invest in big data systems used by industry giants to empower you with big value.


Software Simplifying Ops


Autonomous Design

Software intentionally designed to be completely autonomous. No crew operation needed. No need for aircraft intervention to deliver operating system and content updates. Deployment made easy. Native monetisation workflows, learning systems with adaptive content, automated synchros with any connectivity, inflight or on landing. Plus automated communication with partner services. Ready? Let's get you connected.

Instrumental Innovation

Benefit from our relentless innovation ethic, proactively delivering tools to drive value. From enabling you to actively design and deploy passenger surveys to aircraft, access live IFE system health information across the fleet from your desk, deliver aircraft messaging and use tools to manage content and music onboard. Experience the joy of access to key functionalities and data dashboards when you need them.

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