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Pegasus Airlines takes the next step towards connectivity with Immfly Group

Pegasus Airlines, one of Europe’s leading low cost carriers, is taking the digitalisation of its cabin to a whole new level by strengthening its existing partnership with Immfly Group.

Immfly Group, which already provides wireless inflight entertainment (WIFE) services to Pegasus Airlines’ passengers, will install its state-of-the-art Equilux Aero (LUX-1) hardware solution across the carrier’s entire fleet.

In addition to being the most cost efficient solution of its type in the market, the lightweight and platform-agnostic Equilux Aero LUX-1 hardware has a number of additional advantages that give response to the digital needs airlines face today while providing the perfect foundation for a whole range of connectivity options.

It allows for a quick and minimally invasive installation, with airlines seeing minimal operational interruption during the installation process, it offers enhanced reliability (2 units are installed per cabin, making sure that there is always a backup) and, very importantly, it is scalable and connectivity-ready, giving airlines the possibility of moving easily from offering WIFE to High Speed Connectivity, should they decide to do so at any time in the future.

Since July 2022, Immfly Group has already completed the installation of the Equilux Aero LUX-1 hardware on 33 aircraft of the Pegasus Airlines fleet. The whole process was completed smoothly and within the expected time frame, with the first flights equipped with the Equilux Aero hardware being a major success and showing over 99.99% of system availability.

The installation process is currently continuing apace, with Pegasus Airlines planning to install 4 additional aircraft every month, until the whole fleet is equipped with this ground breaking system.

Immfly Group is proud to be Pegasus Airlines partner of choice in the full digitalisation of its fleet and is considering options to extend this partnership to other aspects of cabin digitalisation that the airline may choose to explore in the near future.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Immfly Group is a technology company specialising in onboard entertainment, retail and connectivity solutions for the airline industry.

Since its foundation, in 2013, Immfly Group has been innovating and developing state of the art digital solutions with the mission of making every flight memorable.

Immfly Group offers one of the best all-round onboard solutions in the market, as proven by the 30 leading global airlines, which, to this date, have deployed one or more of the company's services in over 1200 aircraft worldwide.

About Equilux Aero

Immfly Group’s “Equilux Aero” (Lux-1) solution is the hardware that underpins the digitalisation of the airline cabin. It serves as the foundation of a fully digitalised and fully connected fleet.

With the futureproof Equilux Aero hardware, airlines have the opportunity to choose between 4G/LTE ground connection, basic (LEO) inflight connectivity or advanced higher speed connectivity, allowing airlines to transform their onboard experience.

About Pegasus

Pegasus Airlines launched in 1990 based on the principle that everyone has the right to fly. In 2005, it was acquired by ESAS Holding, who adopted the low-cost business model. Türkiye’s leading low-cost carrier represents the new generation of Turkish aviation, with one of Europe’s youngest fleets serving more than 30 million passengers per year.

Pegasus operates a network of 126 destinations in 47 countries, including 36 domestic destinations in Türkiye and 90 international.

The airline offers connecting flights between its main hub Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Türkiye and the rest of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucuses.



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