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LEVEL marks the first airline to launch the Pre-Order functionality with Immfly’s latest product

LEVEL launches a platform that allows each passenger to purchase the products they want to consume on board and be in control of what happens at all times in the flight. By bringing only what is to be consumed on board, the airline reduces the weight of the plane, waste and food waste.

With this new service in partnership with Immfly, LEVEL takes a further step in customizing the on-board experience based on passengers’ personal preferences.

More customization and less weight on board, these are the strategic objectives that explain the new LEVEL launch: a pre-order platform that allows each person to purchase the products they want to consume on board.

LEVEL has taken a further step in personalizing the on-board experience. With this new functionality, it is possible to purchase products and services in advance to enjoy during the flight. From comfort items such as eye masks, to an ear phone, to complete menus or hot drinks, the options are very varied and allow you to choose from a wide range of up to 15 different dishes. With this platform, LEVEL allows you to tailor all the services that take place at each moment of the flight, so that each person decides what they consume and when they consume it. The products are delivered by the crew directly to the seat and your reservation is made through, up to 12 hours before the flight departs.

With this new portal, the airline optimizes the cargo on board, reducing not only the weight but also food waste, in line with its commitment to optimizing processes to reduce environmental impact of the same, putting technology at the service of efficiency.

LEVEL's value proposition, specified in the fly your way that accompanies the company's logo, is embodied in services like this, which consist of one more step in the configuration of tailor-made trips. The airline works daily to offer an increasingly personalized on-board experience, different for each person. Thus, the clientele on board has designed the experience to measure: reserving everything they want, but nothing they do not need.

This new service is part of Immfly’s latest PRE-ORDER solution, which aims at letting airlines provide a much personalized experience to their passengers by allowing them to pre-order the products they want to use in flight - until 12 hours before departure. Also, helping the crew members to be more efficient and provide a non-interruptive flight experience. The new PRE-ORDER solution can be complemented with Immfly’s disruptive ROB (Retail On Board) to provide a complete 360 retail solution for airlines.

With this new Buy On Board service, there is a significant opportunity for Iberia Express to expand its revenue stream and most importantly provide its customers with a seamless inflight experience.

"Each person has preferences and needs, therefore, they demand something different from the on-board experience, especially on long-haul flights. At LEVEL we understand that, to satisfy different demands, the experience has to be tailored. Today, closed service packages are losing steam in favor of personalized configurations. Product or service customization contributes directly to improve and enrich the customer experience, the center of our vision and also of our partner, Immfly. Together we have taken a further step in innovation with a very easy-to-use platform for customers offering this highly personalized service and facilitating them fly their way." Said Joan Martinez, Head of Customer at LEVEL.

"At Immfly our aim is to provide a complete Digital Cabin experience for our customers and we realised it starts from the process a passenger is booking their flights. Hence it's important to provide them with options tailored to their needs and preferences. Our latest PRE-ORDER solution helps airlines to achieve this and with Level being the first one to use the solution, we are another step in disrupting the Inflight experience" said Maria Cardenal, GM Immfly.

LEVEL has developed active listening mechanisms, such as personalized surveys and conversations with its community through social networks, to collect the opinions, suggestions and preferences of its customers and adapt to them. Expanding the range of products and efficient waste management are two demands that the airline has managed to integrate into this new proposal.


LEVEL is IAG's long-haul, low-cost airline brand that began its flights in June 2017. LEVEL offers a personalized and differential in-flight experience at very attractive prices. LEVEL is IAG's sixth airline brand alongside Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, Iberia Express and Vueling.


Immfly is transforming the cabin space. We provide Connected Digital Services: Retail on Board, Operational Services, Crew Applications, Connectivity Services and Inflight Entertainment. Headquartered in Barcelona and with a network of global offices, our team of +100 talented people empower and support full service, low cost, and regional airlines worldwide. Our services currently reach +15M passengers per month across hundreds of destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

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